Flooring Flooring Having an efficient flooring distribution system in place is vital to any supply chain, a lesson that has been learned by many. That’s why the distributor role is perhaps the most important in the chain. We understand the vital role distributors play, and we believe it’s just good business to let the professionals do what they do best. In return, our distributors get the best of all worlds. We are a flooring manufacturer that is committed to bringing your customers the highest quality product at the best prices, that stays a step ahead of the trends rather than a step behind, that’s committed to being a partner and stands behind each and every product we produce and one that doesn’t just say “Green”, we mean it. Gala’s collections are designed for the environmentally conscious, but not necessarily the well-to-do. Our mission is to create luxurious, environmentally friendly products at a reasonable price. We’re not the least expensive, we’re not the most expensive, but we are the best value. And to most, value is the most important thing. Some believe “Green” is a marketing fad and many treat it as such, but to us it’s a way of life. It’s not just about what consumers want (though that’s extremely important), it’s also about looking to the future and taking steps to prepare for it. And creating our flooring products from our own sustainable and renewable resources, while eco-friendly, also makes sound business sense for many, many reasons. With over 300,000 acres of bamboo forests, 8 factories dedicated to flooring and rapidly growing global sales, Gala Manufacturing is poised to lead the eco-friendly flooring movement well into the future. We make hardwood flooringbamboo flooringlaminate flooring and cork flooring in those flooring factories and are ready to serve your needs. When you agree to take on a collection of products, it’s your name and reputation that are on the line. You become a representative of the company, so to speak, and the products you choose to carry are more than just a reflection on you, but are directly attached to your name. And if you could list all the problems, complaints and otherwise you’ve had throughout the years when dealing with some flooring manufacturers, we would say, “We hear you. We know. We’ve been there ourselves.” That’s why we’re committed to being different, to being better than the next guy in every way possible. We know, everyone says that. That’s why the only thing you can do is experience it for yourself, and it’s only then that you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If you’re a full line flooring distributor, and wish to carry the Gala Manufacturing line of eco-friendly flooring then like many, you realize that now, maybe more than ever before, is the time for vision and innovation. The status quo is no longer good enough. Consumers are more demanding and more frugal, ever more watchful of every dollar they spend. They’re smarter, more educated and more environmentally conscious than they’ve ever been. What before was a bonus (a product being eco-friendly) is now expected, and more and more consumers gravitate toward products that leave little environmental impact in their wake. We think that’s a good thing, and we look forward to partnering with you in working for a better future for all of us one floor at a time.

  • Wide Variety Of Wood Looks
  • Highly Water Resistant
  • Easy Click Installation

Bamboo Flooring
» Bamboo Flooring
  • 3 times harder than Red Oak
  • Renewable & sustainable
  • From our bamboo forest
Cork Flooring
» Cork Flooring
  • Innovative wide planks
  • Very eco-friendly
  • Absorbs sound
Engineered hardwood Flooring
» Engineered Hardwood Flooring
  • A true classic
  • Excellent quality
  • Environmentally milled
Laminate flooring
» Laminate Flooring
  • Wood alternative
  • Higest quallity
  • Great value
» Underlayment
  • Absorbs sound
  • Gives added comfort
  • Environmentally friendly
» Vinyle Plank Flooring
  • Wide Variety Of Wood Looks
  • Easy Click Installation
  • Highly Water Resistant