Gala Bamboo Janka Hardness

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Gala Bamboo Janka Hardness

Janka hardness refers to a test that is run by independent testing labs throughout the world to determine the hardness of specific wood species. It is often used by manufacturers to determine how hard particular flooring products are. While there are many “industry standards” and many different janka scales being used to show the hardness of a species, nothing will better provide the hardness of a flooring product than performing a janka test on the exact species of the floor to determine the exact hardness of the floor.

Gala Bamboo Janka Hardness

What do these numbers mean to you?

By comparing the hardness of the different types of bamboo flooring produced by Gala Manufacturing you can determine if the item you are looking for is suitable for your flooring needs. We included Red Oak as this is the common standard referred to by most flooring professionals and used by most testing labs as the base line for determining the Janka hardness for other species of wood flooring. Brazilian Walnut, sometimes referred to as Brazilian Ipe, has been commonly seen as the hardest species of wood commonly used as flooring today. If you look at the graph above you can see all Gala Manufacturing strand woven bamboo is harder than Brazilian Ipe. This means when you install our strand woven bamboo flooring you are getting some of the hardest, most durable wood flooring available today.

How does that compare to other bamboo manufacturers?

While we love to show how hard our bamboo is compared to the standards of Red Oak and Brazilian Walnut, we decided to go one step further and compare our hardness ratings side by side with two of our competitors to show just how we stack up. The information in the chart below was taken directly from competitor websites and is being compared to the independent lab results provided during our testing. I think you will be highly impressed to see that our bamboo is the hardest out of our competitors in many of the types of bamboo flooring items we produce, and in some cases almost twice as hard as our competition.

Product Gala Manufacturing Competitor #1 Competitor #2 % Difference
Solid Horizontal Carbonized 1403 1380 N/A 2%
Solid Horizontal Natural 1744 1380 N/A 21%
Northland 3′ / 6′ Solid Horizontal Carbonized 1681 1120 1825 -9%
3′ / 6′ Solid Horizontal Natural 1700 1630 1984 -17%
3′ / 6′ Solid Vertical Carbonized 1695 1460 1747 -3%
3′ / 6′ Solid Vertical Natural 2133 N/A 1950 9%
Carbonized / Carbonized Patina 4649 2789 3428 26%
Natural 5197 3000 3438 34%
Tiger 5076 2895 2731 43%
Hand Scraped Carbonized Patina 4117 2789 3271 21%
Solid Strand Frost 4036 2789 3271 19%
Solid Strand Carbonized 3709 2789 3271 12%
Highlighted field indicates hardest item between comparable styles.
N/A indicates product not available.

The chart above shows that our bamboo is the hardest in nearly every style we manufacture. Whether you’re looking at newly innovated products like solid strand woven or the classic vertical or horizontal grain solid bamboo we assure you that our bamboo will be some of the hardest bamboo flooring available in the market today.This comes from our commitment to produce a high-quality floor and our practice of harvesting Gala bamboo at its peak hardness in age between five and seven years old. There’s no reason to settle for anything less than a bamboo floor from Gala Manufacturing.