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Gala Manufacturing, Celebrating Fine Sustainability
Sustainability often comes at a price, and often that price is luxury. Early hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius are a perfect example of this. Sure, they were better for the environment, but you weren’t going to roar by anyone on the interstate or turn any heads. As technology improved, we’d learn that it doesn’t have to be that way. We can still have our cake and eat it, too. Gala Manufacturing is not only committed to preserving the earth, but also committed to developing products where luxury isn’t sacrificed forsustainability.With over 300,000 acres of bamboo forests, Gala Manufacturing has been on the forefront of the “Green” movement and has pushed the bounds of flooringhousewares and furniturebeyond what we’d ever hoped. Now, consumers can have the luxury they desire and the peace of mind they need. With 29 manufacturing facilities dedicated to flooring, furniture and housewares, we are rapidly growing our global sales. Consumers are quickly learning that Gala both appeals to their sense of social responsibility and their tastes, and in the age of information, they’re becoming more educated than ever before. As they grow to understand their choices are no longer confined to one or the other, and they can, in fact, have beauty and “green,” the choice becomes quite simple.
As we usher in a new era, it becomes ever more important to remain on the forefront, to see the future and to be prepared for it. Every day, more and more consumers are demanding more eco-friendly products in their homes including flooring, furniture, housewares, clothes and more. On top of that in many cases, they are willing to pay more for them. Fortunately, research, technology and investment over the years have made it possible for these products to exist today, in a world where people are now clamoring for “change.” At Gala Manufacturing, we saw the future, we understood the upcoming demand and we prepared for it, and as such, we set the trends.We’ve been instrumental in driving this segment forward, and remain one of the top producers of products made from sustainable resources in the world. While others are beginning to dabble, we’re perfecting. The difference is clear in every product. Currently, we operate at peak efficiency. We’ve learned our lessons, we’ve met our challenges and have overcome our hurdles. As such, we can simply provide a superior product for a better price. Not that everything’s about money, but why pay more when you don’t have to? Gala Manufacturing is committed to the environment, committed to luxury, and committed to value. All of these things can be had, and we prove it every day.